" All that matters is a small piece of knowledge that grabs the belief "

Nothing is more worthy than that of an experience could teach. Our journey started in 1960's with an aim to be the best in what we are into, and this laid a pathway to lead a 60 years of experience in this field. We are one among the leading timber importers in Tamil Nadu today. We make direct dealing to ensure the quality of the timber we deliver, this made us one among the reliable suppliers and importers retaining the belief and the trust of our customers, and the timbers are imported from various countries as per the need and requirements in a reasonable market rate.

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Our Vision
Our Mission
Why Choose Us?
Our Value

Our Vision

The thirst to be the fullest satisfaction to our customers has always kept us moving along the years. We follow the traditional norms in our organisation as wood is the base of our economic activity. Wood is a natural source of energy since the evolution of mankind. We keep moving to place a benchmark in the timber industry.

Our Mission

The customers are the king of the market, they deserve the best, and we as a team collaborate to bring the best to the market. our products undergo various processes to ensure its quality. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction with the quality of our products.

Why Choose Us?

It's important to choose the best of the best when there is a choice, and when it turns into a product like wood it's the dream that furnishes into a quality product which creates the demand. Here we are stretching our hands with an aim to reach you the natural source of energy "The wood" in any quantity with a reasonable rate. The wood that lasts, The wood that you are satisfied with and the wood that is maintained.

Our Value

Things that attracts are the most that matters. We have sustained three generations in this field to gather the knowledge to serve you. We retain the belief and the trust of our customers.

Wood Is Renewable

When you think of buildings do you believe it is complete without a product made of wood? Wood is obviously a commonly used building material that holds a lasting life, it inherits a tensile strength that adds the importance for the wood. Wood is a source of renewable energy that provides 6% of global energy supply, it is used in a wide range across the world as a renewable resource.

The fuel wood and the charcoal products are predominantly used for the biomass in the economy. They can be used for electricity production.

Good For The Climate

The world is indeed in search of an attractive and a peaceful surrounding. The universe captures its ideation in the form of wood products in the construction sites. This appears to be quite clean and even smells the fragrance of purity.

There's no one who hates nature and its certain that woods helps in fullest to capture your dream and it offers many environmental benefits. Compared with concrete and steel, wood products help to increase the building energy. This plays a major part in keeping the carbon out of the atmosphere.

Wood is better for the environment in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, air and water pollution. This helps to reduce the energy consumption across the cycle of growth. Today wood energy has entered into a new phase of high importance.

Wood Means Zero Waste

Wood is a renewable source of energy, it has captured the sustainability of zero waste. Zero waste encompasses more than eliminating waste through recycling and reuse, it focuses on restructuring production and distribution systems to reduce waste. Even the utilization of the tiniest particles of the wood materials has been provoked over the country.

Since wood is a natural resource, even its waste particles are gathered for manufacturing tiny tools and materials. The materials made up of wood are widely used in all spheres of daily life for various purposes mainly as household goods.

All the material that exits from the wood ones after the production is further involved in the process of recycling. Timber recycling has become popular due to its image as an environmentally friendly product. This causes the major reason form the zero wastage.

Scores High On Life Cycle Assessment

Wood as a re-growing but nevertheless limited and increasingly in demand resource, can be used sufficiently. Timber is a part of humankind, they are life cycled without the wastage of the products. Logs are categories and used in various streams depending on its quality and the stability.


When deciding the type of material for building and manufacturing all that matters is "what lasts long?" and when the choice includes a natural product then that pitches its scope and existence with the fragrance of natural touch.

Although in search of long lasting products, people wanted to stay within their budget, in that case the choice of wood is preferably the best. The timbers are long lasting woods that are resistant to decay, twisting, cracking or warping.


Timbers play a critical role in the evolution of mankind. As a raw material nothing else possesses the versatility of timber. Each timbers are categorized according to its quality.

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African Teak


Benin Teak

Golden Teak


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Timbers are imported from various countries as per the need and requirements in a reasonable market rate.

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